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Feng Shui Necklace

Throughout history women have adorned themselves with jewelry
created from beautiful stones provided by our glorious Mother
Earth, worn for rituals, healing, protection, and mainly for their
extraordinary beauty.

My jewelry is handcrafted individually using semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, antique coins, glass beads and various metals.
My signature Feng Shui necklace is worn three different lengths,
as a choker, mid chest, and hanging long, which provides the
versatility of wearing it with various necklines.

The pendants are created with stone circles called Pi,
they represent eternal life, unity, and wholeness.
The circle is an ancient and universal symbol of female
energy, power and spirit.

The authentic antique coins on each piece are from Chinese
dynasties dating back to approximately 1200-1700 AD.
In the teachings of Feng Shui it is said that wearing these
coins attract prosperity. Because of the uniqueness of the
stones there are no two pieces exactly alike!

l Iove working with the amazing variety of incredible stones.

The combination of colors and textures fascinates me, and I am
always excited and eager to create new pieces.

Thank you for your interest in my jewelry and I am hoping to

hear from you soon. Marlene

Necklace Collection