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Pillar Soy Candles

My Pillar Soy Candles are praised
for the amazing glow that it makes as
it burns down. They create warmth
and illumination and grouped together
with different size candles,
make an art statement of its own.
They are considered the creme de
la creme of candles.

Handmade in USA
with Soy Wax, Cotton Wicks,
Essential Oils, and lots of LOVE!


White Collection

Available in 3 sizes 3x3 - 3x6 - 3x8
Eco-friendly craft packaging

3X3 Pillar Soy Candle
Burning time 60 Hrs.
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3X6 Pillar Soy Candle
Burning time 1200 Hrs.
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3X8 Pillar Soy Candle
Burning time 220 Hrs.
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You will love the glow!


What makes my soy candles different from the competition?

First and foremost they are individually hand poured personally by me.
I use the finest natural oils and shea butter, that is why they can be used as a moisturizer
for a mini massage. They are non-toxic and burn cleaner than paraffin candles, producing
no black soot and burning 50-60% longer. They contain no animal products and I use
100% cotton wicks. Clean up is far easier with soy candles if there is a spill,
They are priced well below market valued for a quality hand poured candle.
They are handmade by me. with lots of ~LOVE~.

I would like to thank all my customers that have taken the time to send me
notes and comments about my products. I am in business because of you
and your feedback is most important to me.

Wholesale and Private Label Available

~ Discontinue burning paraffin candles for your health and for the safety of your family & pets ~