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We would like to thank all our customers that have taken the time to send notes
and comments about our products. We are in business because of you
and your feedback is most important to us.

"Hi Alex, just wanted to let you know that I was given a Soy candle as a gift for
Christmas. I loved it... The shea butter soy massage candle was amazing.
The candle is too cool for words . Thank you."
Annie - Las Vegas

"I am a therapists, I have been waiting for something like this! ...The scents are great and they
practically sell themselves in my office. I love the ~ CLARITY~ is my favorite. I would love to
sell your candles to my clients."
Sara - Chicago

"I just ordered from you for the second time and decided it was time to let you know how much
my friend enjoys your soy massage candles. I may need to start ordering more at a time.
I will be a customer for life."
June M. - New York

"This is a brilliant idea. The LOVE and INSPIRE their smell are amazing, and the warm shea butter
melted with the essential oils is great for massage. yumm! "
Sandy - Canada

"The best candles ever!. I originally bought them for a gifts but loved them so much I keep most
for my self. I would love to get more for my friends."
Luci Yang - San Francisco

"Not only your candles are amazing, but your customer service is outstanding.
Thanks for all you LOVE you put in."
Sandra - Alaska

"What a NEAT candle! You get the candle AND the massage oil/lotion in one! Genius! "
Barbara - Los Angeles

"My family and friends are raving about your body massage candles.
Awesome products. I will be back for more."
Sam - San Diego

"My husband bought me one of your soy massage candles when he was in LA..
and let me just say, I'm Hooked. My feet are softer than they have ever been. Wow, Thanks."
Janice B. - New Orlands

"I received the Prosperity Scent. I am enjoying it. This is a pleasure that I enjoy all day
long at the office is awesome scent. Thank you for creating such a beautiful aroma in my work space."
Linda - Palm Springs

Feel free to write your comments here.
Thank You