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Why Soy Candles?

Soy candles burn clean!
What makes my soy candles so great!

~ My Soy Massage Candles are made with Shea Butter.
~ My Soy Candles are non-toxic.
~ My Candles burn cleaner.
~ My Soy Candles burn 50 to 60 % longer than paraffin.
~ My Soy Candles do not produce black soot.
~ My Soy Candles do not contain animal fat.
~ My Soy Candles contain 100% cotton wick.
~ My Soy Candles are made with the finest natural oils.
~ My Soy Candles are easy to clean up with hot water and soap.

~ My Soy Candles can be use as a moisturizer for a mini massage.



See the unhealty black soot
that accumulates on the rim
of the jar on a paraffin candle.
Unfortunately the particles of
soot don't stop at the jar rim,
but are carried by air currents to be deposited on draperies,
walls, furnishings and sadly
your lung
Dangers of Paraffin Candles

~ Paraffin Candles are carcinogens
~ Paraffin Candles can damage your lungs
~ Paraffin Candles can damage your walls and furnishing
~ Paraffin Candles are hard to clean up.
~ Paraffin Candles create soot
~ Paraffin Candles are made with animal products 
~ Paraffin Candles use metal wicks.
~ Paraffin Candles use synthetic fragrances.
~ Discontinue burning paraffin candles for your health and for the safety of your family & pets ~

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